Free as a Bird



After seven wonderful years in Maryland, it is time to move on. I’m starting with a tour of this great country and I know many of you near and far want to come with me, so this is your ticket! Join me on my drive back to Colorado and beyond. I think there will be many more vistas like this in my future driving across the plains, so it may not be remarkable, but I thought it an appropriate way to start this blog. I can imagine how those barn swallows must feel chasing bugs above a wheat field on Maryland’s eastern shore: free, happy, and hungry! Soon that will be me flying through the midwest. Now, if only I could train some of those birds like Snow White’s so they could help me pack.

A short disclaimer: I make no promises as to how often I will update this, but rest assured, if something amazing happens, I’ll post it. And amazing things are sure to happen!